Wish List


The following items are either in low supply or we are completely out of:

• Fruit cups
• Butter/Margarine
• Granola Bars & individually wrapped snacks
• Snack-size cereals, chips and crackers
• Individual Jell-O and pudding pack snacks
• Individual cans, bottles or boxes of fruit juice
• Chunky & Hearty Soup Coffee
• Coffee Creamers
• Coffee Filters (Regular size)
• Bathroom cleaning supplies
• Paper Towels
• Playtex rubber gloves
• Paper plates
• Cleaning cream for smooth-top-ranges
• Antibacterial Multipurpose Sprays/Cleaners Plastic wrap/Aluminum Foil
• Stainless Steel Cleaner Toothpaste/Tooth brushes
• Canned Pasta and Spaghetti-O’s
• Sugar & Artificial Sweeteners
• Frozen Vegetables Frozen Pizzas
• Fruit snacks, fruit rollups, etc.
• Hamburger Helper
• Mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, other condiments
• Eggs

Cleaning Items
• Ziploc Bags (all sizes especially Gal)
• Dishwasher and Laundry Soap (liquid)
• Grocery store gift certificates
• Windex (Multipurpose cleaners)
• Air Fresheners (Unscented) Swiffer pads (dry)
• Disinfecting wipes
• Antibacterial Soaps

Other Items
• Bedding (ie: queen sized sheets – deep mattress preferred
• Towels (bath, washcloth and hand towels
• Pillow Protectors
• Travel sized deodorant